Why Catalyst

We are here to help you crush the business and strategic planning process, build revenue streams and cut costs for sustainability and growth, be known and visible to your community and customers, utilize social media to elevate your business and success, and raise or find funds to start and grow your business.


For one client, we were able to develop a full social media campaign that led people to come into the business and mention that their social sites brought them in to check out the. With another client, we were able to help facilitate new relationships that led to thousands of dollars in new sales. For another, we developed a full process for project and marketing management among sales staff to keep track of new leads, implement Salesforce across the company, and utilize the software to automate and track their sales and marketing actions. For other clients, we have developed processes to lead a full campaign from email marketing to trade show to new six-figure clients from those leads.  

Further, our research methodologies have helped several organizations gain new insights into their businesses and customers, leading to better long-term decision making. One project we worked on actually helped a multi-million dollar organization gain insight and visualization into their global supply chain to plan out the next ten years and help them find weak points in their chain to mitigate risks.

Our education levels and experiences also set us apart from other firms. Our team meets or exceeds the following criteria:

  • Catalyst personnel hold or are pursuing advanced degrees in technical entrepreneurship, business strategy, and innovation;
  • Catalyst personnel hold certifications in business incubation management, establishing entrepreneurship programs, finance & operations for sustainable entrepreneurship programs, and management of entrepreneurship facilities;
  • Experience in federal and state grant writing, nonprofit management, and project management;
  • Collective experience and certification with all listed software and data analysis.

Beyond the experience and expertise, Catalyst is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners start and grow their dream. With a commitment to the why of your business, Catalyst works alongside you and your expertise to ensure that your business is seen and known.

Success Stories