Project Management & Asana

As a growing business or department, project management becomes vital to both short and long term success. Startups often struggle to set up processes and standards as they move from one employee to a thriving organization. Departments and larger companies often lose time and money every year as a result of growing pains and “the way we’ve always done it”.

Catalyst can help you implement new processes that can work for everyone – integrating groups and departments into new and more efficient workflows that help everyone in the organization work better together. These strategies often save time, money, and extensive frustration as our clients move away from the days of dated processes or no processes to a cohesive and aligned working unit.

With goals, projects, daily tasks, custom dashboard, and complete management, Asana is Catalyst’s preferred project management tool. As Asana Certified Pros, Catalyst can help get your team trained and using Asana so everyone can focus on what matters most.

If you are not currently using Asana, Catalyst will help you and your team transition from your current software, or help streamline multiple disparate project management and communication tools to a single source in Asana.