Business Analytics

Our plans and strategies always include a special attention to key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that your business should be tracking. These metrics can tell a story about how your business is really doing, where it is headed, and give insight into how you should adapt. It is no longer enough to say you are making money or are profitable. The world changes more quickly than ever and metrics will help you adapt before there is a problem

Catalyst can help you determine what metrics you should be tracking, help you display and visualize the data, and teach you how to understand what your data is telling you. Analytics are a part of everything we do with our clients to ensure a clear path to growth.

Past Experience:

Data Analytics – For many clients, we provide business analytics with a dashboard, detailing different key performance indicators. These help you see a full picture of how your business is really doing, beyond just cash flow. Using these trends, you can begin to see – over time – what might be warning signs or positive indicators for what will happen in the future. For example, how do Google searches on your business impact customers coming through the door, how do different ads increase sales – or have no impact at all, saving you money. How will walk-in’s impact you over time, and when can you expect less traffic? Which products or services sell more often and which should you remove?